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Crafting beautiful solutions for the crypto world, leveling the playing field, and decentralizing your money. SaaS blockchain consulting services available.

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The Pexa Project supports the Pexa Digital application suite. All Pexa applications will accept Pexa Coin as the currency to pay for the services. We’re really excited to bring light to a plethora of projects that will solve problems in both the Crypto and Non-Crypto worlds.

To get started with Pexa, you'll need to choose a wallet. A wallet is a secure digital file to save, send and receive Pexa. In order to use Pexa, you'll need to either use an online web wallet, or a wallet you can install on your computer.

About Pexa

The Pexa Project aims to simplify crypto, making it accessible to those with little to no tech experience. Currently, the tech of miners, mining pools, wallets, daemons, seeds, etc create a barrier to entry for many people. Pexa Project and the Pexa Digital Application suite aims to remove these barriers.

The first barrier Pexa Project is tearing down has to do with mining pools. At this time, there are limited options for mining pool software, all of which require a level of expertise in Linux and compiling/troubleshooting software. Pexa Pools addresses this issue by offering custom created mining software, available at the touch of a button. Through a beautiful, yet simple user interface, Pexa Pool users will be able to deploy brandable and scalable mining pool solutions without ever touching a piece of code.

Pexa Pools will be hosted on kubernetes clusters, with a multi-tenant approach. Every pool will have it's own database, stratum server and brandable front-end, all managed through the Pexa Pool UI.

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